Sports Physiotherapy

Sports Physiotherapists are passionate about helping people maintain optimum health and well being through preventative exercise programs or rehabilitation treatment to support injury management and recovery.

Sports Physiotherapists work with people across the physical activity continuum – regular exercisers and those returning to exercise, weekend athletes, fitness fanatics and also elite athletes.

Sports Physiotherapists are recognised for demonstrating advanced competencies in the promotion of safe physical activity participation, the provision of advice, and the adaptation of rehabilitation and training interventions, for the purposes of preventing injury, restoring optimal function, and contributing to the enhancement of sports performance, in athletes of all ages and abilities, while ensuring the highest standard of professional and ethical practice.

In professional and elite level sport, sports physiotherapists coordinate physiotherapy services, injury prevention programs, as well as rehabilitation and injury surveillance programmes. To be a titled ‘APA Sports Physiotherapist’ represents a physiotherapist who is highly qualified in a particular area of practice, having undergone a rigorous selection process to prove clinical experience and knowledge.