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Move pain-free
Invest in your body
Perform at your peak

North East Life Physiotherapy will help keep you moving whatever your, age, injury or physical condition. Our physiotherapists will help relieve your pain and get you moving – faster!

We aim to have you successfully return to work or sport, and to live a full active life with confidence. Investing in your body is the best investment you’ll ever make.


Knowledge is the key to Recovery

We understand that the successful and complete management of a problem depends on you having the knowledge to take control.


What is Physiotherapy?

North East Life Physiotherapy involves a range of manual and education techniques to relieve pain, restore movement and prevent further problems. We will offer you the right choices for getting the best from your body.

Our physiotherapists will work with you to improve your strength & balance, help you recover from sports or workplace Injuries, improve your core strength or take you step by step from rehabilitation to full recovery.

We work in a variety of settings and environments including the Physiotherapy Clinic, Hydrotherapy Pool and Clinical Pilates Studio.


Evidence-based treatment

If you have stiffness, tightness, weakness or postural imbalance our physiotherapists guarantee you safe and effective treatment based on current research findings.

Because our physiotherapists know how to find the underlying causes of injury, movement problems and pain, we will assist you with a goals-oriented plan to get you up and moving again faster!

Whatever your age or physical condition, physiotherapy will help you move well and stay well.


Optimum recovery

Our Physiotherapists can facilitate optimum recovery from injury, surgery or an illness. It is about receiving the right information from the right person at the right time. With sound advice and consistent, supervised exercise plans, we will help you keep living better for longer.

All of the services and programs offered at North East Life include large components of education and advice as a way of empowering you, the individual, to manage your problem effectively. We encourage you to ask questions and seek the information that will help put you in control.

Life is an opportunity and North East Life Physiotherapy will offer you the right choices for getting the best from your body, safely and effectively.


Physiotherapy Services

North East Life Physiotherapy will get you moving again, painfree. Contact Us to find out how our physiotherapists can design an evidence-based program to help you perform at your peak and to do what you love with confidence.

Moving Is Living
Physiotherapists treat movement disorders to maximize people’s independent function. North East Life Physiotherapy will get you moving again, painfree.

Our Physiotherapists are trained to assess the underlying cause of movement disorders, joint, muscle and nerve injuries and then provide safe and effective treatment, using a range of scientifically evidence-based techniques to relieve pain, restore movement and prevent further problems.

Whatever your age or physical condition, physiotherapy can improve your movement to help you keep living better for longer.

We work in a variety of settings and environments including the traditional Physiotherapy Clinic, Hydrotherapy Pool, Clinical Pilates Studio and Therapeutic Exercise Gym.

With the right advice and consistent, supervised exercise plans, you can regain your movement and get the most from life.

Advice & Education
Knowledge Is Power
We understand that the successful and complete management of a problem depends on you having the knowledge to take control.

All of the services and programs offered at North East Life include large components of education and advice as a way of empowering the individual to take control of his or her problem.

We encourage you to ask questions and seek the information that will help put you in control.

North East Life also offers training and education services to industry and other organizations, especially, but not limited to topics such as manual handling training, workplace safety and sports injury management.

Back & Neck Pain Treatment
Build A Stronger Future With A Stronger Spine
Treatment for back and neck pain depends on the extent and severity of the injury, as well as the stage of recovery.

Treatment may include heat, ice, activity modification, mobilization, massage and exercise. An individualized exercise program assists in regaining strength and movement.

Treatment includes education about lifting techniques and correct postures to reduce the strain on the spine.

With physiotherapy and compliance with a personally designed exercise program, most back and neck injuries need not interrupt the activities that are important to you.

Bone Health
Bone Builders
Current scientific research tells us that in Australia, 1 in 2 women and 1 in 3 men over the age of 60 will suffer an osteoporotic fracture (brittle bone break).

Women over the age of 50 have an increased risk of decreased bone density due to menopausal hormone changes. Men are not immune from the same risks.

The same research also tells us that regular weight-bearing exercise and progressive resistance strength training prevents decreases in bone density.

Exercise improves muscle strength, posture, balance and mobility.

North East Life physiotherapists understand the physical changes that occur with menopause and ageing and are expert in prescribing specific exercises to maintain and improve bone density to decrease the risk of osteoporotic fractures.

Continence Management
Create Your Better Quality Of Life
One in Three Women Who Have Had A Baby Wet Themselves. Is this you?
North East Life physiotherapists understand how to best facilitate your pelvic floor and continence control.

This involves strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, improving their endurance and coordination. As your pelvic floor control improves, your exercise program will be progressed.

Some people may require more help and North East Life physiotherapists will refer you to the appropriate medical practitioner for further assistance as required.

Dry Needling
Your Needs Are Individual
Dry Needling is needling to altered or dysfunctional tissues in order to improve or restore function.

This may include, but is not limited to, needling of Myofascial Trigger Points (MTrPs), periosteum and soft tissues.”

Assessment and treatment is based on the anatomical and biological knowledge underpinning western medicine. In particular, assessment aims to identify the existence of MTrPs relevant to area being treated.

North East Life physiotherapists use Dry Needling as one part of the treatment component and they will also address the related biomechanical problems including muscle imbalances, postural dysfunctions, flexibility, strength and swollen or stiff joints.

Falls Prevention
Stay Strong To Stay On Your Feet
Are you at risk of a fall? Do you suffer from vertigo or dizziness?
North East Life Falls Prevention & Bone Health exercise systems use specialized spring-loaded resistance equipment.

Our specific and monitored exercise programs provide a safe and supported environment for progressive resistance strengthening, improved balance and functional control.

North East Life physiotherapists understand the physical changes that occur with menopause and ageing and can prescribe specific exercises to help you prevent falls and fractures.

We offer a number of fully supervised circuit programs designed to:

  • Improve balance
  • Increase overall body strength and endurance
  • Enhance flexibility and function
  • Improve walking and mobility

Osteoporosis Australia says that “Exercise and bone maintenance are inextricably linked. Regular weight-bearing exercise and strength training can prevent bone loss associated with ageing and menopause”.

North East Life’s Falls Risk Reduction and Bone Strengthening programs are tailored for the individual’s needs and are fully supervised by a physiotherapist.

This is to ensure a safe exercise environment for high-risk patients with poor balance who may also be diagnosed with osteopaenia or osteoporosis.

Headache & Dizziness Management
Create Your Better Quality Of Life
A large proportion of headaches are caused by disorders of the neck (Cervicogenic Headache), many of which respond quickly to physiotherapy treatment.

Some nerves in the upper part of your neck are connected to the nerves in your head and face and a disorder of the upper neck joints or muscles can cause referred pain into your head.

Neck-related headache without pain in your neck is possible. North East Life physiotherapists are trained to thoroughly and accurately assess people with headaches.

We can determine whether a person’s headache is coming from the neck and will benefit from physiotherapy, or if another type of investigation or intervention is needed.

Our physiotherapists are experts in postural analysis, cervical spine assessment and human movement analysis. As well as treatment we offer important self-help advice on ways to correct the causes of the headaches and to prevent them from returning.

Dizziness can affect your balance and safety as it increases your risk of falling. There are different causes of dizziness which can be neck-related or vestibular (inner ear) in origin.

BPPV (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo), originating in the inner ear, is one of the most common causes of dizziness, affecting up to 50% of patients over the age of 70.

Physiotherapy can be remarkably effective in treating BPPV and assessments can be done at our clinics.

Let Water Uplift You
Hydrotherapy or Aquatic Physiotherapy is a specific form of exercise therapy conducted in a purpose-designed pool, which will combine physiotherapy treatment techniques with immersion in water. It involves much more than just swimming or general exercise.

It differs from exercise on land by using the properties of water to help achieve your specific goals.
A physiotherapist is in the pool throughout the session to provide assistance and instruction. Your customized exercise program may include facilitation of movement, stretching, strengthening, walking, balance or postural re-education.

The benefits of exercising in water come from its buoyancy, warmth and hydrostatic pressure. This results in associated reduction of muscle spasm, swelling and weight-bearing through the lower limbs and spine, all of which can assist in movement with reduced pain.

Injury Management
Do What You Love With Confidence
Most soft tissue injuries are a result of a direct blow (bruise or contusion) or an indirect force like a twist (sprains, strains, tears). Some injuries are due to overuse stresses (tendinitis, stress fractures). Before you can safely return to your activity it is essential to regain strength, mobility, balance and coordination. North East Life physiotherapists will accurately diagnose your injury and lead you to recovery.

Physiotherapists are trained in the assessment and treatment of soft tissue injuries and have a comprehensive knowledge of biomechanics and tissue injury and healing. This knowledge is used to design an individualised evidence-based exercise program.

Pain Relief
Find Relief From Your Discomfort
Our physiotherapists will help relieve your pain and get you moving again, as ‘Moving is Living’. We aim to have you successfully return to work or sport and live a full and active life with confidence. North East Life physiotherapists know how to find the underlying causes of movement problems and related pain so you can benefit from the safe and effective treatment we provide.

Biomechanical problems can be caused by muscle imbalances, postural dysfunction, muscular tightness, strength deficits, or swollen and stiff joints. We will design with you an evidence-based program to get you moving and living well again.

Posture Assessment
Stand Tall
Improper posture can create many types of back pain. The spine has three natural curves, one in the neck, one in the mid-back, and one in the lower back. When an improper posture is maintained for extended period of time the muscles can become weak and fatigued, resulting in burning or sharp pain, headaches, as well as muscle spasm.

Some muscle groups become over stretched while other muscle groups become shortened. The ligaments and discs may also become irritated with improper posture, resulting in spinal pain and stiffness. This improper posture condition is called “postural dysfunction”.

Postural dysfunction and its symptoms can be resolved with physiotherapy treatment, which includes specific exercises and education.

Pregnancy & Post-Natal Exercise
Reclaim Your Body
Pregnancy is a great time to develop healthy lifestyle changes. North East Life physiotherapists have a detailed understanding of the changes that occur to a woman’s body when they are carrying a baby and what’s required for the new mum to be able to meet the demands of bringing up baby after the happy day.

We deliver a number of programs aimed at preparing yourself physically for childbirth and to assist with recovery after birth. All programs are individually tailored and can be delivered through exercise groups or a 1:1 setting. Caring for your baby begins with taking care of yourself. Exercising regularly provides benefits for both you and your baby.

Rehabilitation & Post-Operative Recovery
Physiotherapists are the experts at returning people back to their optimal physical condition after illness, surgery or injury. Whether your problem is due to deconditioning after prolonged inactivity or hospitalization, or you’re recovering from surgery, North East Life physiotherapy can help you regain your maximum movement and function to get you doing as much as possible, in the shortest possible time.

We provide our services in a range of settings, most appropriate to your needs. We work closely with medical practitioners and other health providers to ensure that your overall care is delivered efficiently.

North East Physiotherapy also provides off-site services at the Wangaratta Private Hospital and a number of Aged Care Facilities.

Sports Physiotherapy
Perform At Your Peak
Early diagnosis and treatment are essential for you to recover quickly from a sports injury. If you are injured, be pro-active by seeing one of our physiotherapists and get a detailed management program to get you back to your sport as quickly as possible. We can arrange prompt medical imaging as well as timely referrals to the appropriate medical practitioners as required.

The physiotherapists at North East Life are very experienced in sports injury management and understand what is required for your optimum recovery. Management includes physiotherapy treatment, rehabilitation and detailed, progressive sports-specific plans to lead you back onto the arena quickly and completely.

Workplace Assessment & Training
An Ounce of Prevention Is Worth A Pound Of Cure
North East Life physiotherapists are trained to do workplace risk assessments and injury-prevention training. We will deliver a program specific to the needs of the employer, whatever the industry. While workplace injuries will never be entirely eliminated, there are numerous examples of significant reductions in lost days and insurance premiums when workers have been exposed to manual handling training and other injury prevention strategies. We would far prefer to prevent injuries than have to deal with the aftermath.

Our interactive training and education delivered to staff will promote ownership of future manual handling assessments and issues. Our teaching offers participants relevant and effective strategies for controlling the manual handling risks in their working environment. Potential injury is reduced through the focused use of training throughout the organization to support risk control implementation.

Workplace Injury Management
Return To Work Faster
Workplace injuries and musculoskeletal disorders cause pain and loss of productivity. North East Life physiotherapists are accredited with WorkSafe Victoria and the TAC as Occupational Physiotherapists. At North East Life, management plans are developed in consultation with the employer, the insurer, the injured worker and other the relevant health providers.

Workplaces can confidently work directly with us knowing that we have the technical expertise and a thorough knowledge of the administrative processes to simplify the return to work process. Actively managed Return-To-Work programs have been proven to deliver positive outcomes for the injured worker and the employer.

Regular communication between the employer’s Return-To-Work coordinator and the North East Life Physiotherapist is mandated in our management of injured workers. Our physiotherapists treat injured workers using the WorkSafe Victoria Clinical Framework for the Delivery of Health Services, which requires:

  • Measurable treatment effectiveness must be demonstrated
  • The use of a bio-psychosocial treatment approach
  • Goals relating directly to return to work through improved function
  • Empowering the worker to be involved in the management of his or injury and the return-to-work process.

If you can’t see your condition listed on our Services and Programs page, or in the FAQs, please contact us to discuss your needs with one of our physiotherapists.


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